The 3 Week Diet Review And Results With Before and After Pics

Ok, My Story And How I Found The 3 Week Diet…

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and today I am finally posting my 3 week diet review.

I’ve put this review together for people who are looking into buying the 3 week diet by Brian Flatt, so if you’re thinking about following this diet hopefully my review will help you a lot.

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and today I am finally posting my 3 week diet review.

I was meant to put this up the other day but didn’t get the time because my 2 years old was sick and we ended up in the hospital for the night.

Everything is ok now, turns out it was just the viral flu and he is running around like nothing had happened so, back to normal lol.

For those of you who do not know what the 3 week diet is, then you can check out the official website here

The testimonials and before and after pics are very inspiring.


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Ok so lets begin with why I bought this product and how it went for me.

It was a Saturday evening and I was sitting at the park with my 2 boys, they love going to the park to ride their scooters and we go there often.

I remember sitting there watching my boys when suddenly my eyes start going blurry and I just felt really tired all of a sudden.

I tell my boys to pack it in and we start walking home when I got so weak I couldn’t walk anymore.

I ring my friend to ask if she can come and get me and when she arrives she notices how pale I look and said: “I’m taking you to the hospital missy!“.

I hate hospitals and try and avoid them as much as possible but I was just too tired to argue.

I get in fairly quickly and I’m put in a bed, a drip in one arm, poked and prodded for blood tests and told I’m going to be kept in overnight.

Thankfully my good friend took my kids for the night because my ex-husband(the boy’s father) wouldn’t answer his phone..

Ok, so here I am laying there when the doctor comes over and says, mam, you have type 2 diabetes.


Sure I’d heard of diabetes and new people with diabetes but never really understood what it actually was.

Fatigue and blurred vision were some of the warning signs and apparently, my lifestyle and eating habits were a bit of a factor in what the cause was.

The doctor said, “mam, you need to start looking after yourself. Can I recommend you go on a diet and start exercising more regularly?

To be honest, I’d let myself go and packed on a lot of weight after giving birth to my second child.

Life just got so damn busy!

Laying in that hospital bed made me realize just how unhealthy  I was, and how I wasn’t such a good role model for my kids.

We were eating a lot of take away, plus all the snack foods in my cupboard had to go.

Time To Get Back On Track – Finding The Right Diet Plan…

That very next day when I left the hospital I jumped online to search for ways to lose weight and best diet plans for weight loss but there was just soo many to choose from and to be honest some just looked fake?

I remembered a good friend of mine recently lost a lot of weight, she was getting married and wanted to fit in the wedding dress that she wanted.

She’d lost like 30 pounds in a short time so I told her what had happened and clicked send.

I didn’t hear back until that night, she replied…

“Anna, you have got to start taking care of yourself. I didn’t want to say anything because I was scared to hurt your feelings but you have certainly put on a lot of weight since Darren left you.

I know your pain because before I lost my weight I was getting all kinds of health problems. You have to give the 3 week diet a try, that’s what helped me lose all my weight.”


I jumped on the website and had a good read over everything plus I probably spent an hour reading all the 3 week diet reviews just to make sure it was legit.

So, I decided to buy it and give it 100%. I had too, not only for me but for my kids because I knew how much it scared them after seeing their mom in the hospital.

What Is Included In The 3 Week Diet…

After paying $47 I was instantly sent an email with all the instructions on how to get started.

It was really good not having to wait and I received everything as promised:

  • The 3 week diet introduction manual
  • The diet plan manual
  • Workout manual
  • and the Mindset and Motivation manual…

It was late at night and planned to have an early night after getting no sleep at all in that hospital bed.

But once I started reading the introduction manual, I just couldn’t stop reading.

Everything just made sense and I was actually really impressed at just how well it was all put together.

I remember being really excited to get started that I even set my alarm to wake an hour earlier than I normally do so I could get started 

Quick update: Sally from the comment section found a coupon code at this will save you some money if you’ve been thinking about buying the 3 week diet.

Taking Action – Thank Goodness I Started That Day!

I am so glad I set my alarm clock that night because I probably would have overslept and not started at all.

I started the day with a brisk walk, the kids rode their bikes and we took the dog as well.

I’m going to do this every day from now on and have been doing so since I started.

When we get home, I actually felt full of energy. It was a really good feeling, kind of like being reborn lol…

Well, I felt that way anyway.

My 3 week workouts review

The workouts were something I was kind of dreading but to be honest they really are not that hard.

Because they are only 20 minutes long I’m able to squeeze them into my day.

Funny thing is, my two boys are really good while I’m working out.

I told them that this is helping mommy get better and they don’t want me going back to the hospital.

The first couple of days I just went at my own pace.

I did try to go that extra mile but I probably could have gone harder. I just knew if I’d gone too hard to fast I probably would have given up.

Again, this is a step by step program so there is no guessing what you should be doing.

Just follow the guide and stay consistent.

And hey, if I can follow this absolutely ANYONE can follow it. If you’re worried about the workouts like I was, don’t be.

They’re actually very doable.

The Diet - Week 1 was pretty though


The diet is what I had trouble with. For some it will be hard but other might find this pretty easy.

It probably depends on your current lifestyle and eating habits but for me, I was so used to fast food and junk it was hard giving it up.

Now, for me the first week was pretty tough.

I felt hungry most of that week and everything I ate just didn’t feel like it was filling me up.

But that’s the whole idea, it’s kind of like tricking your stomach into being normal again.

Week 2, this is where all the changes started happening. Everything just seemed to become the norm and it was getting easier.

Cravings started to go away and small meals started filling me up. I could literally feel myself losing weight EVERY day.

No joke, it was the second week that really convinced me that this diet actually works!!

Halfway through the second week, it was like an addiction.

I was checking the scales and looking at myself in the mirror more and more, each time, I could notice changes and I was freakin happy!

The Week 3 of this diet is where I got stuning results...

Week 3…WOW!

My energy levels are sky high, I feel absolutely amazing and really happy.

I really do feel like a new person, a better mom and I’m less stressed.

By the end of the 3 week diet program, I lost a total of 19lbs.

That is an amazing effort for me and I’m really proud of myself.

If you’re thinking about trying the 3 week diet DO IT! Honestly, it really does work and it’s only 3 weeks.

You will see results fast and this is not some kind of fad, no, this is a diet for life.

I’m not going back to my old ways, not now.

My results are just too good to throw down the drain and I love my new body.

I’m confident, feel sexy again and I have the energy to play with the kids.

Best of all, my diabetes scare is a thing of the past. Cheers to healthy living.


Thought I would update my before and after pics.

This is not just some fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change and I love it. Week 4 of the 3 week diet and I’m still losing weight!!

All I can say is if you’re thinking about giving it a go – just do it!



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